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Shalom is part of an alliance of facilities around the world that have chosen the High-Tech Float Spa open environment. Over 40 years of research and engineering enable our therapeutic environment to be safe, healthy, and fun.

Shalom is therefore, a luxuriously arranged spa, complete with private showers, dressing areas, and all amenities for your comfort and convenience. Our spa is regularly sanitised; purified before and after every float session.

The highlight is the large 4 x 8 float spa itself, with a high ceiling, fresh air vent, aesthetic interiors, and under water controlled light and music. This state-of-the-art design lends to the feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Shalom Spa's unique floatation spas and therapies exert beneficial effect in the following areas:

Mental Health, Neurology

Improves Creativity | Improves Concentration and Problem – Solving | Decreases Learning Difficulties | Alleviates Sleeping Problems | Cures Chronic Fatigue | Creates Chemical and Metabolic Balance | Decreases Harmful Addictions | Alleviates Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety | Improves Behavioural Problems | Decreases Migraines

Skeletal Muscles

Effectively Alleviates Inflammation of Joints, Back Pain, Neck Stiffness, Sprains | Alleviates Symptoms of Various Spinal Problems

Symptoms Affecting Internal Organs

Regulates Blood Pressure and Circulation | Decreases the Risk of Cardiovascular and Circulatory System Diseases | Helps Lactic Acid Absorption | Increases Oxygen Supply | Alleviates Symptoms of Respiratory Problems | Strengthens the Immune System | Prevents Strokes | Decreases the Risk of Cancer |

Beneficial Effects on Sporting Activities

Improves Performance and Fitness | Loosens Muscles | Detoxifies Joints and Muscles | Helps Regeneration from Sporting Injuries


Smoothens Skin | Treats Acne | Heals Contusions and Surface Bruises | Exfoliates and Refreshes Skin | Opens Pores and Prepares Skin Prior to Cosmetic Treatments

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