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Amazing experience, very refreshing

Ariyom Saakian
Malad Mumbai

Amazing Pod. Very refreshing & out of this world

Amitabh Swetta

Out of the world experience. Feels like body has shed all the weight. Feeling awesome and refreshing

Ramesh Tiwari

Severe headache vanished, immediate

Rajmitun Ambiraj

Stree free feeling. It's a fantastic experience which relaxes the whole system

Sameer Shirole

Overall a very unique experience. Body got relaxed and had a peace of mind inside the pod.

Captain Sudhir Waje

Excellent experience, very relaxing & feels light after the float therapy. Wow!!

Rohit Chauhan

The routine takes so much from us we all wish to go away to some far away place. If that's the case you need to experience "Relaxopod" You will get to know these two terms in the most exotic manner, "cut off" and "out of the world" experience. Its truly rejuvenating experience. You come out refreshed to make yet another start.

Rahul Shinde

Great feeling, very interesting concept

Amit Kothari

It is out of the world, innovative and too good. Must experience it

Rajendra Ghuge

Very relaxing experience. Just peaceful

Harsh Kurup

Relaxopod is indeed relaxing. One comes out fresh and it's like new you

Dhiren Karani

Very different experience. Feeling light and relaxed. Awesome feeling. Great stuff

Girish Gopal, Bangalore

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