It was awesome & actually felt yourself.Its the best if U want to rejuvenate..God Bless you all!

Rahul Khemka


Amazing experience.You feel connected to your soul.The experience is truly one of its kind.Amazing way to comfort your body of all tension, aches and very good for patients especially with arthritis ,backache etc.One more benefit is you can keep away from all nagging and be with one self for a whole hour.Thankyou very much.

Jino Jose , Kochi

Surgeon Ltd Cdr ,Indian Navy

I had a great experience ,I was in beta state,I really liked it and relaxed a lot.

Avinash Rayudu ,Hyderabad

Software Engineer

Amazing experience.I didnt want to get out!!

Yashwanth K ,Hyderabad

Software Engineer

The routine takes so much from each one of us we all wish to go away to some far away place.If thats the case you need to experience "Relaxopod".You will get to know these two terms in the most exotic manner i.e. 'cutoff' and 'out of the world' experience,Its truly a rejuvenating experience where you come out refreshed to make yet another start.

Rahul Shinde , Shivajinagar ,Pune

Creative writer

Its out of the world ,innovative & too good everyone must experience it.

Rajendra Ghuge ,Pune


Excellent experience,very relaxing & feels light after the therapy.Wow!!!

Rohit Chauhan,Pune


stress free feeling .Its a fantastic experience which relaxes the whole system

Sameer Shirole


Out of the world experience.Feels like body has shed all the weight.feeling awesome and refreshing.

Ramesh Tiwari ,Pune